Planning Permission in Portugal

Tecnonexe Office of Architecture and Engeneering provide in Portugal all necessary projects in order to get Planning Permission in Portugal. We have a group of certify technicians able to develop different sort of Architecture and Engineering projects. We have 20 years of Planning Permission experience in Lisbon and Algarve in building market. Our work it´s a team result (architects, engineers and costumer) in order to insure that our solutions are done as whole. According with the size and the kind of building our engineering projects are more or less complex and we are always able to deliver you the best solution.

We do as well building surveillance during construction, or in an existing building, in order to realise the quality of the existing solutions, and if they are according with the Portuguese legislation. We have a group of chartered surveyors able to produce report to dispute resolutions, or to help you to decide to purchase a property in Portugal.

We have 20 years of experience in building surveillance.

For more information see our chapter related to building surveys.

In Portugal, do i need planning permission?