We have a new law in Portugal which affects all property owners that have a property for sale.

From 1st December 2013 it is a legal requirement for any property in Portugal that is being commercially advertised for sale (or rent) to have an Energy Performance Certificate. Therefore whether your property is advertised with yourselves or with an Estate Agent or both, you will need to ensure you obtain a certificate.

The certificate takes into account: consumption, comfort, quantity and energy efficiency, location of the building, sun exposure, construction materials and equipment. The energy level for producing hot water to maintain the property at a temperature more than 20ºC in the winter and less than 25ºC in the summer.

The objective is to reduce energy costs, improve insulation and preserve the environment.

The Certificate is issued by ADENE and takes up to 5 days to be issued from the date of receiving the survey. Documents required for the survey are:

- Land registration (Caderneta Predial Urbana and Certidão de Registo da Conservatória);
- Plans of the house;
- License of habitation;
- Insulation project (optional).

The current cost of obtaining the certification depending on the size of your property.

If a vendor does not have the appropriate energy performance certificate and there property is commercially advertised they could be fined.